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Job Boards for Everybody allows publishers to make money by having a job board on their website. Personforce develops a customize job board for your site and then markets it to employers.

Our job board solution is the most profitable solution for publishers in the industry because:

  • We actively market your job board to recruiters. This takes a lot of work on our end, but if we just put up a job board without consistently letting employers know about it, you won't make much money.
  • Our revenue sharing is the most generous in the industry. You receive 80% of the revenue from job listings posted directly to your site. If we sell a job listing on your behalf, we split the revenue 50/50.
  • We work with great publishers that have fantastic audiences.  We help publishers make a lot of money which tends to attract even more great publishers to work with us.

If you're interested having Personforce set up and run a job board for you, we'd love to hear from you . We're open to hearing from anyone, but our product currently fits best with:

  • College newspapers & alumni magazines
  • Content sites related to specific industries like technology, health care, and finance.
  • Content sites related to colleges and alumni
  • Sites with over 1000 visitors per day, but we have a product for lower traffic sites as well

Contact us at : sales@personforce.com

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